Dharma Dogs AR Project


Use your Phone or Tablet to access the free AR Content! Download the Aurasma App, search: Dharma Dog AR Project, and Click the “Follow” Button. (Having trouble? Enter this link into your mobile device’s web-browser: http://auras.ma/s/WH7WA).

Click the image below and view through the Aurasma App… (Try tapping or double tapping the dogs in the Aurasma Viewer!)


The AR Dogs viewed through a mobile device and the Aurasma App:



Dogs are my most favorite subjects. They represent qualities of loyalty, trust, and “being present.” On June 5th, 2012 during a visit to McLeod Ganj, India, three street dogs embodied these qualities… they saved me from a pack of macaques.

I had been warned about the macaques, but I made the mistake of walking up a narrow dirt path, not realizing there was a troop of macaques both above and below…  The macaques surrounded me and as the largest ones charged, three dogs busted through the group, scattering the macaques. When the dust settled, the dogs returned to me. The lead dog (I named her Dharma) came close enough for me to pat her head and say “good dog.” The dogs trotted back to their sentinel positions, waiting to protect the next human who walked through their path.


Purchase the Letterpress Prints at the bellandpixel store
100% of the purchase price goes to support Dharamsala Animal Rescue

Dharma Dogs AR Project is supported by a generous sabbatical from the Columbus College of Art and Design. Special thanks goes to Aurasma and Igloo Letterpress. Proceeds from the sale of the prints will benefit Dharamsala Animal Rescue.



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