The Sketchbook Project

13_cbelland_sbp_walk_crane_dog13_cbelland_sbp_walk_hummer_jackalope 13_cbelland_sbp_walk_the_croc 13_cbelland_sbp_urban_pirates 13_cbelland_sbp_AR_antlers 13_cbelland_sbp_AR_cow_unicorn 13_cbelland_sbp_centaurs

Really fun to participate on The Sketchbook Project! Created the Traveling Menagerie, an Interactive Sketchbook. Link:

My sketchbook will be on the Write Right When you Get There Tour (stops in: Brooklyn, Kansas City (Oct 3, University of MO Kansas), Louisville, Columbus (Oct 6th, Wexner), and Pittsburgh)

Use your cell phone camera to: Walk the Critter, Become an Urban Pirate, or Morph into a Centaur! Post your photos and use the hash-tags listed in the book!

Or, use the Aurasma App to Find the Lost Racks! To access the AR content, enter this link in your phone’s web browser:


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