Book Hiatus, AEP Fountain Project

Taking a break from the book (waiting to meet with Paul Bodycombe). There is a project opportunity for students, staff, and faculty of CCAD: The American Electric Power Fountain Complex at Bicentennial Park (sponsored by AEP, directed by Columbus Recreation & Parks Department). There will be a second Pitch Session on-site later this month (Ron will announce). This large complex of fountains (hedge, rain halos, blossom, jets, and projection spout—a “water” screen for HD video projection) can be programmed via system like MIDI. There is also an expansive sound system. Most of the video/sound programming would take place at dusk or night.

The theme is: “Columbus”

If you have an idea for an approximate two-minute program (there is one large projection screen, sound, and you will have control over the height and spay of each element) prepare a pitch and join the fun!

My Fountain Idea: Columbus Hawks and Owls (was going to call it “Raptors” but this sounds too Jurassic Park). This is to feature the Grange Insurance Audubon Center.

On the HD projection fountain: animation of pigeons cooing and fluttering around. As the birds flutter out of the screen, the hedgerow will lower and rise to simulate the birds “hopping” in and out of the projection. A screech sounds, the birds all look in the same direction/freeze, and the hedgerow fountain drops each “row” one after the other. The screen fountain splashes to the ground and everything becomes quiet. Slowly, the hedgerows rise and the pigeons return to their activities.

The idea is that the viewer never sees the hawk or owl–just the sound and action of the “dive.”

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