1. Erich


    Looking pretty cool!

    You definitely need to have them kicking some dust up into the air to emphasize the movement and energy of the composition. It might also help the viewer better judge the distance between the left jack-a-lope’s hand and the right jack-a-lope’s face. The posing and the expressions on the jack-a-lopes’ scream epic though, and the progress posts are hilarious.

    Are you going to post the final online for those who can’t attend the show?

  2. Tee hee! Yes, dust would have been great… but the printing process favors solid objects (all that grass all over the place). The final image is kind of a love/hate thing: I had to modify the content, color, and composition so that the print came-out “right” for printing. A learning experience…
    Yes! I will be posting a high res image but on CGTalk… need a few weeks to modify the renderings (I set the fur for animation and not high res rendering, so I have to switch that back and bogart machines for rendering!)

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