Monkey Paws

Folks have been mentioning that the fur was looking too “different.” Adjusted it so that it was 1. More Fluffy/Soft, and 2. More Realistic.

But now it appears that the jackalope has a chronic case of Monkey Paws… I think this is due to the UV maps and the construction of the feet…

To answer Raz’s question about PhotoShop Auto Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction (warning: who knows if this is the proper way to do this, but since I only work in square pixels in photoshop, this works for me… famous last words): in PhotoShop (before you open an image) go to: View> Pixel Aspect Ratio> Delete Pixel Aspect Ratio. From the drop-down menu, select and delete (had to do this about half a dozen times to get rid of all but the square).

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