Fur Pelts

Rabbit on left is headed in right direction (three pelts: Short-Stubby Undercoat, Soft-Mid Coat, and Dark-Tipped Wispy Coat)
Please ignore Static Shock Ears! No maps applied
1.8 Million Hairs (Each pelt has 600,000 hairs). One Directional Light with Depth Shadows, Software Render approx 1 minute 30 seconds at Production Quality 640 x 480


  1. Nathan DeShone

    The fur is looking really good. I like the variations of color. Its hard to see but it looks like there are some areas where the hair could be thicker. The chest area has a defining dark line on the right side that i think could be a little softer and less apparent.

    Great Job Charlotte!

  2. JStefanski

    I agree the left one is headed in the right direction, but out of all of these guys… I want to pet the far right one the most. 🙂 Maybe combine the fluffiness of the right one with the left one? I have no idea how fur works, so hopefully this is possible/makes sense! 🙂 Yay for bunnies… or Jackalopes!

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